Class Schedule

Fall Class Schedule


5-6pm: Handsprings


5-6pm: Fulls & Doubles


No Classes


5-6pm: Fundamentals* (New)


6-7pm: Handsprings

7-8pm: Fulls & Doubles

8-9pm: Tucks & Layouts


10-11am: Tiny Tumble (ages 3-6)

10-11am: Handsprings

11am-12pm: Tucks & Layouts

12-1pm: Fulls & Doubles

1-2:30pm: Stunt Class (New) separate pricing

*Fundamentals is a class designed for beginners who need to master basic tumbling skills before moving on to our Handsprings Class. The following skills need to be mastered before moving on to our Handspring Class; Bridge; Backbend Kick over; Back Walkover; Handstand; Cartwheel and Forward roll.

You must purchase a tumble pass to attend our tumbling classes. 

4 Trip Pass

Non Members: $80

Members: $60

8 Trip Pass

Non Members: $120

Members: $100

12 Trip Pass

Non Members: $140

Members: $120

Unlimited Pass

1 Month Unlimited  Tumbling Pass: $150

Stunt Class

1 Month Stunt Class: $125

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